Bring Noble to your venue.
Serve more drinks, increase sales.

Bartenders love Noble

Noble exists to make your bartenders more efficient.

By using Noble, each bartender makes 30 percent more drinks every hour.

They spend less time closing, printing, and collecting tabs, and more time mixing and pouring. Our handy-dandy efficiency calculator shows you how Noble can increase venue sales.

Noble works with any point-of-sale system to:

  • Increase bartender efficiency
  • Increase tips for service staff
  • Receive free marketing on Noble’s app
  • Collect data on customer habits

A Noble guest experience

  • Menu icon

    Browse menu

    Customers browse full menu, trending drinks, and exclusive specials.

  • money icon

    Pay for order

    Customers pay and tip right from the Noble app using a credit card, PayPal, or Apple Pay.

  • Bell icon

    Receive updates

    Customers are notified when their order is next, in preparation, and ready for pickup.

  • Noble crown


    Customers use mobile device to show secure confirmation code before picking up their order.

A Noble staff experience

  • ticket icon

    Pull ticket

    Bartenders are alerted to new Noble orders with printed tickets.

  • wine glass icon

    Make order

    Once an order is made, Noble automatically alerts the customer.

  • Noble crown - whtie

    Prepare for pick-up

    Bartenders match secure confirmation numbers to every order.

Increase sales by decreasing order time.

With Noble, bartenders don’t spend time taking orders and processing payments. Serving time is cut in half as bartenders do what they do best—make delicious drinks for your customers.

credit card

Noble integrates with all point-of-sale systems.

Noble clearly itemizes all transactions and totals up nightly tips. Staff then enters each item into your POS system at the end of the night.

Real-time data

With Noble, your venue sees real-time data of all customer orders. We call it our Nightgraph, but you’ll probably call it useful.

Access right from the app or using your favorite browser.

Nightgraph screenshot

Noble’s Nightgraph features:

  • Real-time order tracking
  • Most popular drinks
  • Promotions tracking
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Bar performance tracking

A Noble way to treat your guests

Insights into customer preferences allow you to increase drink sales by automatically giving them more of what they like.

  • Automatic Upselling

    Noble recognizes customers’ drinking patterns and customizes their digital menus to create upsell opportunities.

  • Automatic Re-Ordering

    Noble automatically prompts your guests to re-order. With one tap, their order is refilled, decreasing missed sales.

  • Automatic Notifications

    Noble sends customers personalized notifications about upcoming events, happy hours, and exclusive deals.

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