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Noble Named Exclusive Ordering Platform for Born & Raised Productions

https://www.bornandraisedknox.com/ • June 1, 2021

Noble kicked off their summer with becoming the exclusive way to order food and beverage at Knoxville, Tennessee’s outdoor socially distanced pod concert. The kick off to the summer show’s was headlined by popular band “Moon Taxi” last month. Particularly known for partnering with casinos, theaters, restaurants & bars, Noble is excited to expand their portfolio that now includes live outdoor “pod” concerts. Guests were able to schedule their orders days in advanced on the Noble App from popular local food vendors, and upon arrival, received their food orders by delivery directly to their pods. Guests also could order their choice of beverage from the comfort of their pods and had a staff member deliver to them as well.
Get in touch with Noble today to learn more on how this contactless ordering platform can be included in your next outdoor pod concert!


About Born & Raised Productions: Born & Raised Productions is a boutique music promotion company based in Knoxville, Tenn. We create unforgettable music experiences in East Tennessee. We also provide event services. Our services include: marketing & promotion, talent buying, production, event operations and more. If you’d like to discuss your event, you can send us more info on our contact page.