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Noble Welcomes Richmond Triangle Players

https://rtriangle.org/ • September 28, 2020

Noble is happy to announce a new partnership with the popular theater venue, The Richmond Triangle Players/Robert B. Moss theatre in Richmond , VA. This theatre is pleased to not only have shows familiar to mainstream art fans, but also original and unique performances . Patrons can order their favorite venue food and beverage items through Noble via express pick-up.



About Richmond Triangle Players:
Since 1993, RTP has produced hundreds of plays – including several world premieres – most of which would not have been produced anywhere else in the area. A decade ago, the idea of their own performance venue was just a dream. By sharing that dream, RTP brought together hundreds of people in their community who believed in a mission and in the message of diversity and inclusion.  In a few short years, Richmond Triangle Players accomplished what many people believed to be impossible and transformed a “fringe” theater into one of the best-known and beloved cultural institutions in Central Virginia in the glorious venue, the Robert B. Moss Theatre.