Frequently Asked Questions


How will guests know Noble is available at my venue?
Venues that partner with Noble are featured on the app’s home screen, where users see personalized venue recommendations. Noble provides each venue partner with free marketing materials to drive customer awareness. These items include branded table tents, coasters, stickers, and other eye catching promo items that drive usage.
Can I customize my venue’s drinking menu and offer specials?
Yes! Noble offers your venue the ability to brand and customize menus. Add specials and trending drinks to your menu using a simple menu management interface.


How much will Noble cost my venue?
Nothing at all! Your venue can join the Noble network at no cost.
Is Noble compatible with my point-of-sale system?
Yes. Noble instantly works with any point-of-sale system.
Will my venue need to switch credit card processors to use Noble?
No! All credit card transactions are processed through the Noble app. Say goodbye to credit card transaction fees!
How long will it take to set up Noble?
Your venue will be up and running in as little as 10 minutes. All we need is access to your drink menu, one power outlet, and space for the Noble receipt printer.
How long will it take to train my bartenders to use Noble?
Noble is designed to be easy to use! The Noble system was born after we partnered with fellow bartenders in the Boston area. The result is a very simple process: pull ticket, make the order, and tap “Complete” on an iPad screen.


When does my venue get paid for orders placed through Noble?
Noble will transfer your funds directly to your account the next business day.
How will tips received through Noble be distributed?
Tips are distributed in accordance with your venue’s credit card tip-out process. Noble’s current tip-out rate is 22%, higher than the industry average.
How will my venue reconcile mobile orders coming from Noble with my point-of-sale system?
Reconciliation of mobile orders processed through Noble is a simple process: print the Noble report after each shift, enter it into your point-of-sale system, and your funds will be transferred to your account the next business day.
What if I run out of an item on the menu?
Bartenders easily click out-of-stock items to immediately remove them from the menu.
How will bartenders match Noble orders with customers at the bar?
Noble uses an easy system to match orders with customer receipts. Noble orders are printed with a large and visible order number. Bartenders then match order number with the receipt number displayed on the customer’s phone.
Will I need to hire another bartender to manage Noble orders?
No! Your bartenders can easily handle the cash bar while Noble orders come through. Bartenders pull the Noble order tickets while serving non-Noble customers, immediately increasing productivity.
Will bartenders be able to inform customers their order is ready?
Once your bartender makes a Noble order, they simply tap “Complete” on the Noble iPad screen. A unique notification is then automatically sent to the customer.


Will customers need to pay to use the Noble app?
No. Noble is free for both venues and customers.
How will customers know where to pick up their orders?
Customers receive a personalized notification telling them exactly which bar is holding their order. Venues receive a Noble emblem to help customers find the designated pickup area is for their Noble orders.
Will Noble eliminate customer and bartender interactions if orders are placed through the app?
Noble was built for high-volume times, when interactions between bartenders and guests are already limited. Bartenders can’t help but neglect guests during high-volume times. Noble allows you to improve these interactions so customers don’t give up waiting for another drink or leave for another venue.
How will I prevent customers from picking up the wrong order?
We ask that your staff never leave an unattended order on the bar. Noble designates a special holding area behind the bar that is out of reach to other customers. Certain venues may qualify to have a Noble representative act as a liaison between your staff and Noble customers to ensure correct orders are picked up and a great customer experience is delivered.
How will we know Noble customers are of legal drinking age?
It is always the responsibility of the venue to verify legal age of all patrons within their venue. In addition, Noble verifies age upon sign-up.
What happens when a guest doesn’t pick up their order?
You will still be paid for the order. All Noble orders are processed as soon as they are placed through the app. Noble customers will receive a warning that their order will be destroyed if it is not picked up within five minutes.
What happens when guests who drank too much continue to order drinks using Noble?
We ask that you do not honor orders for a customer who is just too intoxicated to have another one. Noble refunds customers directly for these orders.