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Boch Center

Location: Theatre District, Boston • Capacity: 3,800
Noble Setup: Real-time Pick-up • Event: The National

What's the challenge?

The National is a very well known band that brings a great audience for concession sales. The concession stands do great before the band takes the stage, but once they are up there no one leaves the concert and sales take a drastic decline.

How did Noble help?

The Boch Center team knew that for this event they had to give their guests the ability to order the next beer that they wanted but without sacrificing too much of the show. With Noble, guests were ordering from their seat and were notified when their order was ready for pickup to minimize their time away from the show.

Guest experience was drastically enhanced and their guests showed the love in reviews.

The Boch Center was able to capture orders during the show to increase their sales.