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Laugh Boston

Location: Seaport • Capacity: 300
Noble Setup: Delivery • Event: Bryan Callen

What's the challenge?

It’s a sold out show. The audience is expected to be high spenders. Staff is limited and the ability to capture sales during the show is exceptionally more difficult than before the show starts. Laugh Boston was determined to maximize sales and deliver an amazing guest experience on this busy night, but needed a way to arm their servers with the ability to capture sales once the show started.

How did Noble help?

The Laugh Boston servers had Noble in their arsenal for this evening and used it to their advantage. Each guest that entered the venue was greeted by their server to take their first order and welcome them. In this welcome, the servers instructed the guests to send orders to them through Noble during the show because it’s going to be a busy. A true win-win for everyone.

Guests with Noble ordered on average 4 times and those without Noble ordered twice.

18% of the guests were Noble users and they contributed to 42% of the sales in the evening.