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Red Bull Arcade

Location: Seaport, Boston • Capacity:
Noble Setup: Rapid Pickup • Event: PAX East

What's the challenge?

PAX East is a massive video game convention that attracts hundreds of thousands of fans over a weekend of speakers, events, and socialization. Red Bull’s events and customer experience team knew that this was a great opportunity to promote the Red Bull brand with an amazing after-party event. Also, they had new flavors and products that needed market awareness and insight into how effective they are.

How did Noble help?

The venue Red Bull was using happened to already be a Noble venue and once they learned about Noble from the GM, they knew it would be a great way to enhance the experience and collect data on how their new products preformed.

For the Red Bull events team, Noble worked with them to allow them to fully sponsor and customize the app experience to align with the event.

For the Red Bull on-premise team, Noble provided data on the new products that was more value than just a count of how many of each flavor was sold. Noble was able to tell the team the breakdown of male vs female for each flavor, and how many guests ordered the same item again after trying it once from a promotion.