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Shubert Theatre

Location: Theatre District, Boston • Capacity: 1,500
Noble Setup: Intermission Pickup • Event: Harvard Musical

What's the challenge?

Bathroom or the bar? There’s a question we’ve all faced during the short window of time for an intermission. For the guest it is clear that this is a frustrating moment as they wait in lines. For the concessions this is where the money is made and speed of service is the key to maximizing profits. Taking orders, dealing with payments, handling cash, are all components that fight speed and ultimately sales.

How did Noble help?

The team at Shubert promoted the ability to pre-order for intermission through Noble. Patrons were placing orders before the show or even from their seat as everyone prepared for the intermission rush.

34% of sales were fulfilled through Noble in half the time when compared to the traditional concession stands.